Mahia stone


High Quality stones

Extract and present the most sophisticated types of stones in browsing, quartzite and travertine


All types of travertine stones

Distribution of travertine stones in Tehran


All types of marble

Distribution of travertine stones in Tehran

Stone Types

Based on the application (floor stone, bathtub and bathroom, stone countertops or kitchen cabinets, external and internal stone stones, building stone steps)


Used for paving the corridors, stairs and floor of the building

Stone in the bathroom

Stone in the bathroom, toilet, bathroom

Stone in the facades

Stone on the exterior and interior of the building and the building

our goals

Consultation on the sale of various types of building and facade stones, information on the latest price of building stone and facade, and the ease of linking grunts with customers and removing speculators.



Mahia stone

Our aim is to sell and consult various types of building and facade stones (including stone travertine and marble stone), which are made in a variety of antique stones, stone, plain, floor stone, floor stone, patio stone, floor stone Parking, etc. …) staircase stone, cabinet stone, etc. This group is ready to enter into contracts with domestic and foreign companies for the projects under construction.

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